Thank you for a great product

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for a great product.

As a professional trainer and guide, I have several kennels costing exponentially more than yours but none that I like better.

The light weight makes loading a pleasure, while the molded plastic design allows for complete and total cleaning, something that can never be fully accomplished with an aluminum kennel. The ability to fully sanitize the interior is great peace of mind, especially when hauling different dogs each day.

- Michael

Storm tested, Mother Nature approved

This is the third one I have bought over 11 years and still use the other two. In fact one blew out (empty) in a dust storm at Blackwell, OK, went completely across I-35 and hung on a fence, and did not damage it one bit.

- Frank

A Picture-Perfect Fit

I ordered and put the crate together and it fits perfectly in the back of my Subaru Outback! It's a great product and I have endorsed it on several Weimaraner forums!

The only thing I should have done is had more vents installed... I live in Arizona and it gets hot here.

Thanks again,

Pictured below: Benson and Bella in their Deuce Kennel.

Benson and Bella comfortably enjoying their Deuce Kennel.