Bird Dog Buggie

Bird Dog Buggie

Your trip to the hunting site just got easier!

These new, custom trailers are made of high grade steel with a gloss black finish. They are 52 inches wide with two back-to-back seats. Our seats are 23 1/2 inches tall and perfectly accommodate an Easy Loader or Deuce kennel under them. Each seat is made of 1" eastern white pine and can carry up to 500 lbs each. The trailers come equipped with DOT approved tail lights, a side bin to hold live birds as well as a side bin to hold dead birds, a gun rack, shell bin boxes and other storage boxes. They feature a large storage box in front and wide tires that can be used on or off road. Bird Dog Buggies can be easily pulled by any ATV or truck. Great for the hunters who have to do a lot of walking.

Call Dale Webb at 334-333-4613 for pricing and more information!

Red Cedar Bedding

Red Cedar Bedding

We proudly reccomend this product to be used in our kennels!

Red Cedar Bedding:

  • Provides greater warmth than straw
  • Does not mold or get hot spots like straw or hay
  • Contains natural oils which reduce pet odor
  • Deters fleas and ticks
  • Is safe and natural unlike polystyrene fill
  • Narrow thin strips- approx. 18" long
  • Compressed bails 1.8 cu. ft.
  • 14x14x18 one time use box

*Not suitable for dogs under 6 months

Visit the Red Cedar Bedding website for pricing and more information!
Edge Outdoor Gear

Premium Outdoor Dog Beds

We proudly recommend this product to be used in our kennels!

Alpha Flo-Thru Pet Bed

  • Patent-pending aerated indoor/outdoor pet bed that allows fluids to pass through the entire bed.
  • Makes cleaning and drying quick and easy - simply spray the surface down, add soap/cleaner as desired, rinse and shake the excess water out.
  • Porous structured design can act as a thermal barrier for pets, both indoors and out.
  • Take it with you hunting, camping, boating, in the back yard, or out on the deck.

Rhino Pet Bed

  • Fluid Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Chew Resistant
  • Tough dog beds designed for dogs that are tough on dog beds.
  • Built with heavy-weight rip-stop material.
  • Durable and comfortable.

Visit the Edge Outdoor Gear website for pricing and more information!