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Easy Loader Three Hole Kennels

Easy Loader Three Hole Kennel

NEW PRODUCT. Easy Loader Three Hole kennel is a spin off of the original Easy Loader kennel, made of the same material, the same dimensions except with three compartments.
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Easy Loader Kennels

Easy Loader

The Easy Loader Kennel is the original Dog Kennel manufactured by Custom Molding Services, Inc. The Easy Loader is made to fit full-size pickups and large SUVs.
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Deuce Loader Kennels


The Deuce Kennel is the second Dog Kennel manufactured by Custom Molding Services, Inc. The Deuce is designed to fit smaller pickups and SUVs and is highly versatile for use on UTVs and ATVs.
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EZ XL Kennels


The EZ-XL is a larger version of the original Easy Loader Kennel made by Custom Molding Services, Inc. The EZ-XL is taller and deeper than the original Easy Loader Kennel and is made of heavier material, with taller and wider gates.
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Easy Loader Drinking Spot

The Drinking Spot

An outdoor gravity-fed pet watering system that automatically refills the tray as pet drinks.
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Easy Loader Whelping Nest

The Whelping Nest

The purpose of the whelping nest is to maintain a constant body temperature of the newborn puppy by providing a supplemental heat source.
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Easy Loader Accessories


We offer several accessories for our dog kennels including Cold Weather Doors, Vents, Insulated Covers and more.
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Bird Dog Buggie


We proudly reccommend our partners for your hunting needs!
Our current partners are the Bird Dog Buggie by Dale Webb,Red Cedar Bedding and Edge Outdoor Gear.
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