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The Whelping Nest

The Whelping Nest

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Loss of body temperature is one of the leading causes of newborn puppy mortality. This can also be said about many other species. The purpose of the whelping nest is to maintain a constant body temperature of the newborn puppy by providing a supplemental heat source. The whelping nest doesn’t just keep the puppy warm, it aids in reducing mortality and helps to ensure a healthier and more vibrant pup.

  • Made of medical grade material (Kydex) with an antimicrobial additive that is non-caustic towards animals and humans.
  • Controlled with a user-friendly digital adjustable thermostat controller.
  • Digital display shows the internal temperature of the unit.
  • Designed oval shape is more ergonomic for the mother.
  • Maintains a constant warm temperature to maintain the puppies' body temperature to reduce loss of body heat and reduce the mortality of newborn puppies.
  • The material is chemical resistant.
  • Unit has an internal temperature limit switch to prevent any accidental overheating, set at 108 degrees f.
  • The digital controller is programmed to set temperatures between 50 and 100 degrees f.
  • Uses a standard 110v wall outlet.
  • Heated surface area of 22” x 18” with overall dimensions of 28 ½” x 24 ½” allowing for even the larger dogs as well as other species of animals.
  • The tray/nest portion is just under 2” deep to help keep pups in place with a nice texture for a little extra grip to move around.
  • The material is a light gray and easy to clean and maintained.
  • The unit is sealed with a strong adhesive material to prevent opening the unit and makes it water resistant.
  • The whelping nest is designed to be placed in a whelping box with a cut-out template on the shipping box to ease mounting in a whelping box.
  • The whelping nest has a one-year warranty for material and workmanship.
  • Predrilled holes in the pan portion to secure to the whelping box.
  • 5 ½” foot cord shrouded in a nylon braided loom cover to help protect the cord.

Part number - WN1001

Shipping Weight: 16 lbs.

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